Meet The Real Life “Cowardly Lion”, You Won’t Believe How Easily He Spooks! [VIDEO]

The lion is considered the King Of The Jungle, but even a king has some fears in life.

You just might not have expected that a lion would be afraid of something that brings children (and adults) great happiness: bubbles.

And yet one particular lion happens to be afraid of bubbles. Or maybe he is just afraid of things he doesn’t know and understand.

A large carnivore keeper at Paradise Wildlife Park, formerly known as Broxbourne Zoo, shared a video of this “scaredy cat.”

In the short clip, he blows a bubble. When it wafts over into the lion’s area, he freaks out and runs away! So if you ever need to scare a lion, perhaps carry a spare set of bubbles in your pocket.

It took this zookeeper less than 10 seconds to frighten the big cat! Have you ever seen a lion react like this to something so small?

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Source: Little Things

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