Man Smokes “World’s Hottest Pepper” “I Can’t Feel My Arms. “This Is Horrible!” [VIDEO]

Some people will do anything for a few clicks, even if that means putting themselves through excruciating pain. Enter YouTuber Ted Barrus who has posted a number of wacky stunts for his fans but this is just plain stupid. In the video below, Ted explains that he is about to smoke a Carolina Reaper pepper out of a bong. It is clear that he is absolutely terrified at what the result will be but goes through with it anyway.

‘You only live once,’ said Barrus, who dubbed himself ‘The Fire Breathing Idiot’, on the video. ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen. This is the first time I’ve ever been scared to do something on YouTube.

‘I told you guys I was going out with a bang this year.’

The footage showed Barrus as he ripped off a piece of the pepper, placed it inside the bowl and lit it, taking two hits, one after another. The video then captures the exact moment he realized he had made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Eyes bulging, he made an almost inhuman noise before he began to choke and splutter. He downed a huge amount of water before he was finally able to speak.

‘God it hurts!’ he said. ‘I can’t see. I can’t feel my arms.

‘This is f***ing horrible.’

And just in case you weren’t put off by the video, Barrus had a word of advice: ‘Don’t do that.’

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