Katy Perry Released New NSFW VIDEO “Bon Appétit” Guaranteed To Ruin Your Appetite

Katy Perry is seasoned and served as a sexy chicken cutlet in the NSFW “Bon Appétit” video. Rap trio Migos and Kogi restaurateur Roy Choimake appearances in the bizarre clip.
Singer said as-yet-untitled LP will not respond to Taylor Swift’s hit “Bad Blood,” which was rumored to be written about Perry.
The video opens with a circle of male chefs brandishing steak-knives cutting Perry out of plastic wrap. She’s tossed into flour where they knead and massage her body like dough. In the kitchen, vegetables are tossed on top of Perry before she’s thrown into a stew. Chef Roy Choi bastes and decorates the pop star-turned-cutlet.

In a dimly lit club/restaurant, Perry lays on a platter as the patrons hungrily take their seats at the table. In the VIP section, the Migos rappers are surrounded by stacks of cash and other luxuries, before revealing that they’ve been conspiring with Perry the whole time to help her (the meal) break free.

The chefs tie up and blindfold the guests while covering them with spices.


E. Goldstein

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