It’s America’s No. 3 Killer, and Death By Guns When Doubled Doesn’t Come Close

A common theme among the pro-gun control crowd is to convince millions of Americans that death by firearm has become a pandemic, regardless of whether it the death was accidental, in self defense, murder, or suicide.

There have been many studies that disprove the anti-gun stance but regardless of the many facts and sources cited, it never seems to matter. Nevertheless, a new study has been released that, yet again, disproves the touted myth that death by firearm is a leading cause of death in America.

From Fox News:

Imagine wiping out the entire population of Orlando, Fla., each year. That’s essentially what medical errors are doing, according to an analysis of four studies on the topic that was published in the BMJ on Tuesday.

It finds that about 9.5% of Americans who die each year are killed by a medical error, making it the No. 3 cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

Combine all annual deaths from guns, suicide, and car accidents, double them, and that still wouldn’t add up to the 251,454 people the Johns Hopkins researchers estimate fall victim to medical errors each year.

And that number may be underplaying things. “We believe this understates the true incidence of death due to medical error because the studies cited rely on errors extractable in documented health records and include only inpatient deaths,” reads the study.

Feel free to send this article to your anti-gun friends. I would send it to mine but I don’t associate with anyone who wants to infringe on my second amendment rights.

E. Goldstein

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