Black Gangster Rap Artist THREATENS Anyone Who Performs At Trump’s Inauguration

As I type this, I cannot help but shake my head at the ever present hypocrisy that is on display by liberals in America since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. The liberal media would trip over itself and every liberal would have come apart at the seams if a republican celebrity had made comments like these when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

From BET:

It would normally make sense that any Hollywood crooner would jump at the opportunity to perform at the inauguration for the president of the United States. Unless it just so happens to be for Donald Trump, that is.

But for anyone still interested in taking the honor of doing so, Snoop Dogg will spare no mercy in a public roasting.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Snoop declared that any “jiggaboo” preparing to sing for Trump’s inauguration would personally have to deal with him afterward.

“So ain’t nobody gonna perform for Donald Trump, huh?” he begins. “Which one of you jiggaboo a** n**gas gonna be the first one to do it? I’m waiting, I’m gonna roast the f**k out of you.”

Snoop continued to describe the performer (who has yet to be announced) as an “Uncle Tom,” should the individual stepping up to the mic be Black.

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Snoop’s comments on the matter are not uncommon, considering his contempt and harsh rhetoric for Trump. He even elbowed Drake and his hometown of Toronto for citizenship following the news of Trump’s presidential win.

“My new home,” Snoop captioned the Instagram photo. Tagging Drake, he showcases a photo of Champagne Papi’s home turf as it sits beautifully lit under a cloudy, ombre-colored sky. “I need the hookup on some property. Nephew, f**k this sh** I’m going to the six.”

My new home. @champagnepapi I need the hookup on some property. Nefew fuck this shit I’m going to the. 6ix

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Maybe Snoop is serious about someone black performing at Trump’s inauguration, or maybe he is being the opportunist that he has been known to be over the past 20 years. You can decide that one for yourself.

E. Goldstein

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