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Gynecologists Share Their Worst Patients [PHOTOS]

 Gynecologists Share Their Worst Patients [PHOTOS]

Trips to the OBGYN: You can’t live with them, but you certainly shouldn’t try to live without them (if you’ve got lady parts). Gynecologists definitely don’t have the easiest of jobs, but we’re grateful that they don’t mind scrounging around between our legs, answering all of the burning, itching and oozing questions.

While they may have seen it all, there are some things they would rather never see again. Read the patient habits that your gyno absolutely dreads being a part of.


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While it might seem strange and unbelievable, you don’t have to cancel your appointment because you’re on your period. As long as you give a heads up, you should be fine.

Acting Scared

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Relax and open wide ladies. Even though the process can be uncomfortable, make it a little easier by scooting forward so the doc can get a good look at what’s going on.

Bringing a Friend

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Don’t try to make your appointment a group project. They only need to see you, so leave friends and significant others in the waiting room.

Googling Symptoms

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Maybe don’t walk into your appointment thinking you know more about your condition than your doctor does. You’re in his/her office for a reason. Don’t jump to conclusions, and leave WebMD behind.

Wrong Doctor

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Don’t visit your gyno if you notice your sexual appetite decreasing. Sex drive is an emotion thing, not a physical thing. Get a shrink.

Making Yourself Uncomfortable

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If a male doctor all up in your business down there makes you feel uncomfortable, just request a female. It’s really that simple.

Making Yourself Uncomfortable – Part 2

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If not being clean shaven makes you stress during your gyno visits, just keep your garden trimmed.

Not Getting Tested

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Be sensible; get tested early.

Avoiding Treatment

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If you have symptoms, don’t waste time, hoping they will go away. Make an appointment as soon as possible, and follow up for your results.

Avoiding Treatment – Part 2

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If you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection, don’t waste time. Make an appointment!

Not Paying Attention

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When your doctor is explaining the side effects of something, especially birth control, listen to what they are saying. Whatever you do, don’t stop taking the medicine (especially birth control) because of side effects before you talk to your doctor… That could lead to another set of symptoms.

Skipping Safe Sex

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Don’t feel weird about asking about birth control or protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases/infections. Gynos talk about this stuff all day long; they won’t judge you.

Worrying About Smells

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While lots of patients worry about the smell of their vagina, it’s actually the feet your gynecologist worries the most about. After all, your feet are the closest to their nose.

Leaving Out Details

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Knowing about your sex life, including what kinds of sex you have and what your gender preference is will help your doctor provide the best care.


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Ask as many questions as you need! That is what your doctor is there for!

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