Guy Wakes Up in the Middle of Skydiving as Birthday Surprise Prank – AWESOME! [VIDEO]

Friends are a man’s lifeline. No matter how bad you be to your friends and whatever you do to just throw them away, good friends simply plan on coming back to you.

A best friend makes sure he is there right next to you when you’re in trouble.

This guy’s friends promised to make his birthday the best one yet. and to do something crazy.  So, after the birthday boy got stinking poo poo drunk his friends took him in a car to the airport, dressed him in gear and sent him up in a plane to be tossed out, in order to give him the surprise of his life.

He was attached to a professional skydiver, so there wasn’t any real danger, but imagine if you can what it would be like to wake up from a drunken stupor thousands of feet up in the air falling quickly toward the earth.

This was an awesome birthday present, and I only wish my own lame friends could’ve thought of something this clever.

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