• May 25, 2024

Experts Warn Of Bio-chemical Attacks As ISIS Collapses

 Experts Warn Of Bio-chemical Attacks As ISIS Collapses

Terror experts have issued a warning, that as ISIS nears the end, the danger of bio-chemical attacks from the the terrorist group increases. It has long been known that ISIS was experimenting with different biological and chemical agents in an attempt to create WMD’s, so far all they have used is crude Chlorine gas and possibly Sarin nerve gas agents against civilians in Syria and Iraq. But they have tested more exotic things, like Ebola and even Bubonic Plague against human captives and animals.

Bubonic Plague or “The Black Death” is not as deadly any more as it was in the middle-ages when it wiped out about half of the worlds population. Today we understand the disease and have treatment options for it. But experts warn that may not be enough if such an attack were launched by terrorists.

They warn that an attack using Bubonic Plague spread from above over a major city like Washington or London could once again wipe out millions. If terrorists sprayed an antibiotic resistant form above a city, according to bio-terrorism experts, it would be impossible to treat everyone exposed to the disease and the results would be catastrophic. Of course, our troops wearing bio-chemical warfare suits would be relatively safe from such an attack, but most civilians would not be so well protected.

This warning comes after research papers were found hidden at Mosul University after the fall of ISIS detailing experimentation using chemical weapons on human beings. We first warned you about this danger over two years ago, but the mainstream media has all but ignored the information and danger it represents. Fortunately, other than the research documents, no evidence has been thus far of any development of a weaponized device that is biologically based.

But as ISIS rapidly implodes in both Iraq and Syria, it is feared the Muslim Terrorists could step-up any clandestine development and wreak revenge on the West. We know that they have already dispersed many of their so-called fighters throughout Europe with instruction to create havoc and death any way possible. But suppose some of them have samples of Bio-chemical agents and are just waiting for the right time and place to use them?

The World Health Organization estimated releasing a 50 kg aerosol cloud of plague bacteria over a city the size of Washington or London and its surrounding areas could cause at least 300,000 to become infected with 72,000 perishing from the nightmarish disease even despite early treatment. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  in the US believe plague is a major concern along with anthrax, smallpox, and viral fevers like Ebola and Marburg.

The Business Insider reported that noted plague expert David Wagner, along with health writer Eric Boodman wrote: “After all, the bacteria were being used as weapons long before anyone even knew to call them bacteria. Plague-infected corpses were catapulted over walls. Venetians plotted to distill deadly liquid from swollen lymph nodes. Japanese planes sprinkled a rainfall of infected fleas. If those with nefarious motives and technical expertise wanted to weaponize the bacteria today, they could.”

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