• July 23, 2024

A New Poll Has Given Biden His Most Brutal Wakeup Call Yet…

 A New Poll Has Given Biden His Most Brutal Wakeup Call Yet…

Democrats and the group surrounding President Joe Biden should pay attention to a warning issued by one of their own more than three decades ago even though the election is still more than a year away.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” a catchphrase used by Democratic strategist James Caville while running Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, became a campaign anthem.

A new CBS News poll demonstrates how disastrous the current administration’s “Bidenomics” is turning out to be for everyday Americans.

Even though other surveys have shown him somewhat lower at times, CBS reported on Sunday that Biden’s overall approval rating is at 40%, the lowest of his presidency. Biden’s favor rating on the economy alone was much worse than average at 34%, matching the low mark seen in June of last year.

It’s not difficult for Americans with sight to understand why.

Even those willing to overlook the repeated, self-inflicted tragedies of the Biden era are confronted with daily reminders that the wrong man is in the White House and the wrong party is in power, as sticker shock and outrageous gas prices continue to be regular parts of trips to the grocery store for the majority of Americans.

The establishment media, rabid partisans, and reflexive liberals might be able to ignore the ongoing, graver disclosures concerning first-family wrongdoing.

They might be able to justify the invasion of illegal immigration that has overrun the southern border, the international embarrassment of the Afghanistan withdrawal and kowtowing to China, the fervent support for taxpayer-funded abortions by the ostensibly Catholic president, and his party’s insane claims about the supposedly malleable nature of innate sex.

However, Americans who buy their own food realize that “Bidenomics” has not been a boon to the nation.

“It’s not just whether one has a job, but what your wages can buy you. Most of those working say their pay is not keeping pace with rising prices,” CBS noted. “And even if the rate of inflation is slowing, those price hikes have clearly left their mark.

“Prices are the No. 1 reason people give when asked why they call the economy bad and the top reason given when they describe their personal financial situation as bad.”

Indeed, “prices” have a way of focusing the mind on precisely how much money is in the wallet or purse.

Americans also expressed dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the CBS poll: According to a CBS poll of 2,181 people, 35% said their finances were getting worse, 52% said they were remaining the same, and only 13% indicated they were “getting ahead.”

(It’s a safe assumption that 13% of the population is involved in the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” scam or some other current leftist con.)

Only 29% of respondents said the economy was “good,” while 65% said it was “bad.”

And compared to 30% who said their employment income was keeping up with inflation, 70% said it wasn’t.

None of this is encouraging for Biden’s chances of being re-elected.

Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, former President Donald Trump was seeing an economy that was growing as a result of his pro-growth policies at the same point in his administration.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the summer of 2019, there was low unemployment (especially among blacks and Hispanics), 2.3 percent inflation, and soaring stock prices.

Even though the caterwauling Democrats in Washington and their propaganda outlets in the mainstream media tried to convince everyone differently, times were good and everyone knew it.

Contrarily, the U.S. inflation rate in June of this year was 3 percent, according to CNN. This may not sound like a significant increase over 2019’s 2.3 percent, but it followed figures like the 9 percent inflation in June 2022.

In other words, prices are going up on top of prices that previously went up.

Despite their general lack of arithmetic prowess, Americans can compute numbers when necessary. And it counts a lot when it comes to the quantity of food a family can purchase, purchasing gas for a car, and paying bills.

The fact that Biden is getting 40% (and even that is probably too high) when he has the combined might of the horribly biased mainstream media supporting him, ignoring unflattering stories, or deftly spinning them should truly worry Biden and his Democratic managers.

That indicates that the public is seeing through the propaganda, which should serve as a wake-up warning to the Biden administration and the Democrats who have staked their hopes on its success in the upcoming election.

Whatever the Republican nominee ends up being, whether it’s current front-runner Trump or one of his rivals, Americans will have a direct comparison to make in 2024.

When it comes to the adage “it’s the economy, stupid,” they’ll have to consider whether or not the nation can afford another four years of a corrupt, ideologically deranged administration. Actually, the answer is no.

The nation cannot support it. And its voters cannot, quite literally.


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