Do You Have Lines On Your Wrist? This Is What They Mean…

You’ve likely heard of palm reading, but reading the bracelet lines of your wrist falls under the same umbrella of palmistry. This is a kind of divination where people claim they can determine facts about your life, and particularly your future life, based on what they see in the lines of your hand and your wrist.

So if you want to check out what your wrist lines mean without having to go to some overpriced psychic, we’ve got you covered.

You may have had your palms read in the past. You want to consider having your bracelet lines read as well.


Most palm readers focus on the lines found in the middle of the hand.

The wrist lines found at the base of the palm can have anywhere from three to four lines.


These bracelet or rascette lines come with other small strokes. The first line may be the most important of all the lines. An unbroken and long line means good health. Gaps in the line may reveal that you are not being responsible with you health. You have the power to change that.

The second line is your wealth line. It reveals the type of life you will have in terms of finances.


Having no gaps or breaks means you will have a life of wealth. Money will not be a concern for you.

The third line outlines the type of person you will be in terms of your career.


A strong third line also means how respected you will be in your profession, at home, and among anyone you come across. A bold streak means you will be highly influential.

Not many people have a fourth line, but when it’s there it’s always a good sign.


A fourth, unbroken line means you will have a long life. It also reveals you will have a long line of descendants.


Rafael Smith

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