Dance Professional Pulls 60yo Mom Into Video, Then She Steals The Show [WATCH]

Mother of a professional dancer dances with her son went viral on social media.

Professional dancer Mark Villager decided to create his own, adjusted choreography of Gangnam Style while maintaining PSY’s most popular moves from the video. To make things more interesting, he asked his 60-year-old mother to join him.

With almost three billion views, the music video of ‘Gangnam Style’ is still the most popular video ever released on YouTube. The 2012 hit song performed by the Korean artist PSY went viral across the entire planet and skyrocketed the singer to international superstardom.

Mike posted a video of their dancing performance on YouTube and mentions that this was the first time that he taught his mom to dance. “She has some serious natural talent”, he wrote on his ‘Kinjaz Dojo’ YouTube page.

After seeing the video of their performance, it’s pretty hard to disagree with that statement.

To make things even more special, Mark’s mom is actually deaf and can’t hear a single note of the catchy song. Instead, she’s able to feel the music through the air and the floor from the actual soundwaves formed when the music is played.

Not only is their performance fantastic, but mother and son are also completely in sync. A must-see video!

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