Cops Walk Into Motel And Quickly Uncover Worst Crime Scene They’ve Ever Seen, Make Mom Pay

It was a normal day – a little rain and cold – but otherwise normal. A forgettable day actually. One you would never write home about. But on that day, police officers in Ohio would get a call that they would never forget for the rest of their life.

When they were sent to check out a room at a motel, they walked in on a strange woman. She motioned for the officers to be silent. With her hand at her lips, she shushed them and asked them to move very quietly.
Then she uttered her odd request…

Inside the filthy motel room, the Ohio cops had been distracted by the woman’s behavior. But then it hit them and they noticed the threesome’s strange use of bedsheets.

But the sight of it alone – let alone the smell – made the Ohio officers sick to their stomachs. Disturbed and disgusted, they fled the motel room. Although they had been trained to handle all types of crimes and situations – nothing, NOTHING could have prepared them for this filthy Ohio motel.

It all happened at the Parkway Inn in Middletown, Ohio. The female caller reported having a problem with one of her young sons. She refused to be clear on the phone and this worried the dispatchers. The cops rushed out to the scene as fast as possible.

Only when the cops had entered the motel room did they realized the horror. That’s when they saw what had happened over the last 22 hours.

According to WDTN, 26-year-old Theresa Hawkins-Stephens had rented the motel room to stay in with her two boys. They were 5 and 6. Her 29-year-old girlfriend Rachel Bostian also stayed with them. As well as Bostian’s 56-year-old mother Ramona Bostian.

The call came because one of the boy’s had fallen “unconscious.”

The caller was frantic. She reported that the child had run away for a couple of days. While they never reported him missing as they should have, they said other kids found him. And reportedly “messed him up real bad.”
But that was all a lie to hide the despicable truth.

Officers found not just the beaten boy, but both small children, wrapped in a sheet in a cocoon-like state. The boys had been defenseless to the woman as they furiously beat and abused the children for 22 hours straight.

It all had really started when one of the boys had taken food because they were hungry. That act had set the three women off on a rampage. For nearly an entire day, they “disciplined” the children with beatings and torturous acts.
The abused boys were rushed to the hospital. The next day, the youngest was pronounced dead. All because his mother and her friends had become upset with them for eating food.

Because the abuse was obvious, the women were arrested when the police had recovered. But after he died, their charges were upgraded accordingly.

What kind of punishment do you think is fair for these women?


Joe V.

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