• March 4, 2024

Comedian George Lopez Under Fire Over Ivanka Trump Comments On Instagram

 Comedian George Lopez Under Fire Over Ivanka Trump Comments On Instagram


Comedian George Lopez’s recent comments about first daughter Ivanka Trump have caused quite an uproar.

Oxygen reports that Lopez was labeled in a video which was posted in an Instagram showing two dogs pairing by a fan that approach the comedian when they were going to pimp , Ivanka.

“She is ready!” Lopez replied on the Instagram comment thread.

“Ok let’s get her probably she will spend some time in Mexico,” the fan wrote back.

“That will hurt her brand,” concluded Lopez.

Many Instagram users commented on the chat between Lopez and the fan. Most believed the comments were in poor taste.

“Wow this is not even comical it’s an insult to her. This is Intimidating,” replied one commenter. “It’s weird how easy these celebrities feel doing something like this. Wasn’t he moving to Mexico or Canada or something?

“Am a fan of his show but seeing how filthy he is have started disliking after the last few times he’s been in the shade room.”

Though I don’t like Ivanka but to make Intense misogynistic comments like this makes her as bad as trump,” replied one commenter.

“People are saying don’t go after his kids. Leave the kids out of this. Well….. The disabled man, the gold star family, saying Arizona senator McCain is not a war hero because he was hide captive and tortured, the news rep Megan Kelly etc all those people….. They are other people’s kids too!!” wrote on Instagram user. “However if he could talk about them in a disrespectful manner then he should not expect his own to be spared.” My own option.”

I don’t understand all the complaint about Lopez’ comments, when they pale in similarities with many degrading comments about her that came out from the mouth of the orange [buffoon]?” replied another commenter. “This is not only about her but for many. And hope this is okay? None of it is okay, but only made O.B to get more fame. Very sad and double standard.”

“I may support Ivanka and Melanie but I won’t reply one commenter. They are with Trump and what he stands for. What him and his ministers are doing to people, is terrifying. They are greedy and evil.”

Lopez’s controversial comments come just a few months after he openly defended Ivanka when she was molesting on a JetBlue flight, TMZ reported.

“There must to be a maximum respect when someone is with their family and there love ones,” Lopez told the TMZ reporter. “Yeah, that’s not cool”.

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