Cocky Trainer Sticks His Head Inside A Crocodile’s Mouth, Ends As You’d Expect

A trainer put his head inside a crocodile’s head for a show but suddenly it snapped shut. A tourist filmed the stunt as it backfired at a free crocodile show on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. In the horrifying video, the zookeeper kneels before the reptile and teases it with wooden sticks inside its open jaw.

The animal remains eerily still for the routine, in which the keeper waves the sticks around before tracing them inside the crocodile’s huge mouth. The man then places his head inside the predator’s mouth, holding it there for 10 seconds.

The audience was left horrified when the animal suddenly snapped its jaw down and thrashed the man from side to side. He screams in pain and fear. The audience watches in shock as the reptile abuses the man. Eventually, the crocodile has its fill of fun. It releases the man and then slinks back into the water.

The man is left on the ground reeling from the injuries. This is not the first time the man was injured in his duties. Before he began the dangerous stunt, he showed the crowd all of his crocodile-related wounds, the worst of which included a missing finger.

Hundreds of people have shared their shocked reaction in the Daily Mail comment forum.

Here are a few:

“He held his head there waaaay too long. Even a human being would bite down if your finger was in their mouth that long.”

“This ‘entertainment’ is as cruel as it gets. The keepers torture the crocs from an early age to perform, using metal prods. The same zoo keeps tigers on chains for tourist photos, they are also whipped and whacked with metal prods, and starved. Zero sympathy for the vile people who run this joint, and most zoos across SE Asia.”

“The croc has clearly had enough of that routine. The ‘zookeeper’ needs to learn the meaning of quitting while you’re ahead and not do this again, or he will lose his head – literally.”

“Stupid is as stupid does and that would have to be the most stupid thing to do the likes of which the worlds never seen the likes of which. These reptiles have a brain size smaller than a PEA, they run purely on instinct.”

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