Cocky MMA Fighter Taunts His Opponent and Gets KNOCKED OUT Instantly

Taunting one’s opponent is always an exhibition of poor sportsmanship. For one mixed martial arts fighter over the weekend, it also turned out to be pretty painful.

During a fight on the British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts card on Saturday in Colchester, England, Joe Harding dropped his hands and began dancing a version of the famous Muhammad Ali shuffle, in an effort to taunt his rival, Johan Segas.

Only, Segas didn’t take too kindly to Harding’s showboating. So he promptly knocked him out.

Segas kicked Harding in the face with his left foot. Harding was out cold. The fight was stopped immediately.

The Daily Mail reports that Harding was able to walk off under his own power. But we suspect he’ll think twice before trying the Ali shuffle again.

Watch below, via MMA TV

E. Goldstein

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