Here Is The Latest Inappropriate Photo That’s Causing MAJOR Outrage On Facebook

Honestly, I didn’t see it at first. This photo looked like an affectionate couple on a fun boat trip, period. Then a day passed, and I looked at it again.

Someone following these two thought they were seeing something bizarrely obscene for a reason—it really does, for a moment, look like a guy with his hand held suggestively over his junk while his companion grins like nothing’s happening.

But come on, how can you not look twice to make sure you saw what you saw?

DUDE. Oh, wait. Okay.
Facebook via Unilad

Most people might look at the full photo and do a serious double-take before seeing it’s clearly a perfectly normal pic with an unfortunate optical illusion. But not this person, who is probably really glad her name was marked out of the original screengrab (I just cropped it.)

The outcome of this ridiculous misunderstanding is unknown, but I can only hope it was all about a lot of unfriending and unfollowing.

I’m willing to bet the outraged one felt like a moron once he/she was told there’s nothing wrong with the photo.  Then again, some people like to play Internet cops where they police posts based on their own personal level of decency.

H/T Maxim

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