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North Korea Launches Missile Capable Of Hitting 49 States

Last night, North Korea tested a new model ICBM, that officials admit is capable of striking every state in the nation save one. Official sources said the North Korean test launched on Friday showed its program could hit the United States, according to a statement reported by The Associated Press and Reuters. The Department of […]

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China Preparing For The Worst With North Korea

Last week we told you that the U.S. Has curtailed all travel to North Korea, and cancelled all visas effective the 20th of next month. In addition, China has moved thousands of troops to positions along its border with its neighbor in what the Chinese military has admitted is an effort to control the border […]

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North Korean War Plans Being Prepared

When it comes to the renegade nation of North Korea, all options are on the Table. It appears that now there is a new plan being put on the table if not a new option. One by one, all the non-violent strategies have been used or discarded in attempting to deal with the rogue government […]


North Korea Makes A Ridiculous Claim About Their Diplomats At

North Korea accuses US of ‘mugging’ its diplomats of a package at JFK airport. Those diplomats were in the process of departing via JFK International Airport Friday following a UN conference when North Korea alleges a package its diplomats were transporting was seized by more than 20 Department of Homeland Security and police personnel, reports […]


Russian Fighter Buzzes Unarmed Recon Plane Following Threats.

As the war of wills heats up between Russia and the United States in the Middle East, all eyes quickly switched once again to the Baltic Sea region as an armed Russian fighter jet buzzed an unarmed U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft on Monday. The incident, involved a Russian Su-27 fighter jet armed with air-to-air […]


Russia Just Increased Danger Of War In Syria

Russian officials seem to be rather upset, after a U.S. Jet fighter shot down a Syrian Air Force Jet that was attacking “moderate Muslims and Kurds” supported by the United States on Sunday. The Russian government issued a statement deploring the attack and stated that they would no longer participate in a program designed to […]


Watch As One Lucky Marine Survives Sniper Headshot By Inches

U.S Marine survives a non-fatal headshot by Taliban sniper in Afghanistan. Luckily the bullet only hit his helmet and didn’t caused fatal damages. His other squad members also had luck the bullet didn’t hit one of them. Notable is how calm they reacted to the shot. The attack was recorded on a helmet camera during […]

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North Korea One Step From Disaster

According to a top expert on North Korea, the communist dictator is likely just one step away from having the ability to launch a nuclear–tipped ICBM capable of reaching the US. That is what Jeffrey Lewis believes could have disastrous consequences for the country, North Korea that is. Lewis says that all that is left for Kim […]


North Korea Preparing For Cruise Missile Attack

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung-un may sound off with threatening words and even more hateful actions, but the fact is that the fat little man-child is at least smart enough to realize that the U.S. could chose to take him out at anytime with a Tomahawk, missile that is. As a result, he has directed […]


[VIDEO] New Russian Nuclear Weapon So Horrific They Named It

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has slowly but steadily been moving toward nuclear disarmament. However, a frightening new announcement from the Russian military has the potential to end that trend altogether. Russian president Vladimir Putin recently unveiled the “Satan II” nuclear warhead, an updated and deadlier version of the Soviet Union’s original “Satan” […]

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