North Korea Preparing For Cruise Missile Attack

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung-un may sound off with threatening words and even more hateful actions, but the fact is that the fat little man-child is at least smart enough to realize that the U.S. could chose to take him out at anytime with a Tomahawk, missile that is. As a result, he has directed the North Korean army to start repairs on existing protective walls for observation gallery positions in an attempt to brace them for possible cruise missile strikes. The orders came after Kim witnessed the U.S. attacks on Syria last month, according to a U.S. broadcaster.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), who cited the Osaka-based North Korea specialist news organ Asia Press, The North’s armed forces ministry issued orders to the army to take steps to protect gallery strongholds from air raids in mid-April. The orders were issued shortly after the surprise U.S. attack early last month on Syria. At that time the U.S. military launched over 50 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian airfield believed used by Bashar al-Assad regime’s to store an launch chemical weapons used on civilians.


Jiro Ishimaru of Asia Press said,“North Korea seems to be very aware of the U.S. attack on Syria,” adding that the media outlet’s North Korean source clearly said “preparations against cruise missiles.” The orders from the North’s Armed Forces Military Ministry were also very specific and included directives that required existing walls that were made from rock or stone to be removed and replaced with new walls.

All new walls are now required to be constructed of gunnysacks filled with either dirt or sand. The orders said that stone or cement walls actually increase the damage and danger to troops and civilians because in an explosion the rock and stone become projectiles causing additional casualties according to Ishimaru.

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