• June 19, 2024

Cashier Brightens His Day, When She Allows Boy With Cerebral Palsy To Check Out Groceries [WATCH]

 Cashier Brightens His Day, When She Allows Boy With Cerebral Palsy To Check Out Groceries [WATCH]

When a boy with cerebral palsy went grocery shopping with his parents at Temecula, California, he thought it would just be an ordinary run. But when the cashier offered the young man a chance to ring up the food items, he lighted up with joy! He had always dreamed of running the packages and food stuffs over the red-laser scanner and ringing up a customer. And this clerk gave him the chance to do it!

In the clip, which was first shared on Jeanie Robinson’s Instagram account, has since gone viral and thousands of people have tuned in to watch the heartwarming moment unfold before their eyes.

Want to see what everyone is talking about? Scroll down to the bottom and watch the heart-warming clip now!
During a normal grocery run at WinCo Foods grocery store with her son Andy, the cashier noticed something special about the boy.

Because Andy had a “contagious smile” on his face, the cashier was overjoyed to help the family ring up the groceries.

That’s when the cashier made an offer Andy could not refuse. She asked if he would want to help her ring up the family’s groceries. If it was possible, the boy’s smile got even bigger and the clerk knew she was doing the right thing.

What’s even better was that the WinCo was not that busy while Andy and his mom Jeanie were in line. Because no one was impatiently waiting in line behind them, Andy was given the chance to become a store clerk for the day.

In the viral clip, you can see Andy dragging food boxes and items across the scanner. Each time the register clicks, Andy’s face lights up with joy. Because having cerebral palsy makes everyday life more difficult for Andy, getting this type of opportunity is a big deal.

Although scanning groceries might not seem exciting to most adults and even some children, to Andy getting the chance to feel normal was what he needed to bring a smile on his face.

In the clip, you can hear the WinCo cashier and Andy’s mom encouraging the boy to scan the items. And with each of their statements, his smile gets bigger and he flushes with joy.

At one point, Andy accidentally scans the ice cream container twice and his mom laughs, “You’re trying to make me pay twice for it?” The youngster smiles at his mom’s timely joke and continues on to scanning the next item.

Throughout the whole heart-warming encounter, Andy can be heard laughing. And it is impossible to ignore his contagious smile. He is grinning from ear to ear while he has fun with the machine.

Jeanie admitted that although this was a simple gesture, it went a long way to making Andy feel good. Most people are afraid to interact with him because he is different. But his condition does not make him less human. Having a strange treat him with respect was a powerful moment for the young boy.


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