Husband Writes Heartfelt Post Describing Wife As His Hero, Goes Viral Overnight

It’s no surprise that being a nurse is a tough job, both physically and mentally. Oftentimes, a nurse’s shift runs well over ten hours where they are on their feet for the majority of that time. On top of that, they are dealing with complete strangers who may not always be that grateful and patient with them. And let’s not forget about the toll that these long hours and traumatic situations takes on a nurse’s mental state.

Nurses are heroes. They witness some of the worst moments of their patients lives, whether is be due to accidents or illnesses. In addition to these long days spent on their feet, a nurse always has to be ready for the unexpected, as no two patient cases are the same. Oftentimes, nurses have families and duties waiting for them at home, on top of the responsibility of their long days.

His wife is one of the many nurses who endures long, stressful days tending to patients in a hospital, and her dedication has not gone unnoticed by her loving husband, Bobby.Bobby wanted to pay tribute to his wife who sometimes comes home so sad from the day’s events that she can’t even talk about it. So, he posted a photo on social media of his exhausted wife in a peaceful moment with her son after one of her many 14 hour days.

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In addition to the photo, Bobby included the following post…

“This is my wife taking a nap. In an hour she will wake up, put on her scrubs and get ready for work.

The tools and items she needs to perform her job will be gathered and checked meticulously – her hair and makeup will be done quickly. She will complain that she looks awful. I will disagree, emphatically, and get her a cup of coffee.

She will sit on the couch with her legs crossed under her and try to drink it while happily playing with the toddler that’s crawling all over her.

She will occasionally stare off blankly as we talk; silently steeling herself for the coming shift. She thinks I don’t notice.

She will kiss the baby, she will kiss me and she will leave to go take care of people that are having the worst day of their entire lives. Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks – professionals, poor, pastors, addicts and prostitutes – mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and families – it doesn’t matter who you are or what happened to you.

She will take care of you.

She will come home 14 hours later and remove shoes that have walked through blood, bile, tears and fire from aching feet and leave them outside.

Sometimes she will not want to talk about it. Sometimes she can’t wait to talk about it.

Sometimes she will laugh until she cries and sometimes she will just cry – but regardless of those sometimes she will be on time for her next shift.

My wife is a nurse. My wife is a hero.”

Bobby’s post went viral and has people touched appreciative of nurses everywhere.

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