• July 16, 2024

Man Finds Hidden Room Behind Mysterious Plastered Hole In His Basement

 Man Finds Hidden Room Behind Mysterious Plastered Hole In His Basement


Have you ever wondered what lies behind some of the walls in your home or workspace? While some people may be a bit too creeped out to venture beyond the unknown walls of their home, one man decided to investigate when he was alerted to a few odd looking circles on the wall in his workspace.

When he saw the circles, he decided to take a closer look, so he drilled a hole in the center of the shape and what he found was quite interesting. There was a secret room that had evidently been blocked by a wall that was added to the structure. The additional space is about the size of a walk-in closet.

Obviously intrigued by the secret space, the man decided to create a hole big enough that he could fit through. This takes place in video two of the secret room series. The camera follows him as he slips through the space and walks around. “It’s not big, but it’s something,” the man says as he walks the closet-sized space room. He also noticed that there is a pipe that is not connected to anything, just lying from one end of the room to the other. The room is a simple square and appears to be made out of pure concrete. “I wish there was a newspaper in here,” he says as he scurries around. It would certainly answer some questions if he came across a newspaper. That way he would at least have a date to tie the use of the room to.

He finds two stuffed up holes in the ceiling of the space that appear to lead to the outside and yet another rusted pipe that stems from one side of the space and goes halfway across along the ceiling. Rocks and rubble sit in small piles in the corner of the space.

Commenters are just as intrigued and they are curious to know what the space was intended for. Some even offer their own thoughts on what it may have been used for…

“This is an old Cistern that was used to store water.”

“Maybe its a hidden room for when people hide Jews? People find rooms like that a lot in old houses.”

“Old plumbing access probably closed off when pipes were replaced.”

“Not a septic tank or cesspool. They would have 16″ to 24″ access lids for inspection and clean out purposes. I’ve dealt with my share of both. This is a water cistern. It would have been helpful to see the exterior and its location, maybe know a little of the history of the property it sits on, but it served to store water from a rainwater collection system, an old but likely no longer surviving windmill pump, or maybe even spring water some time in its past. As a kid, we had two old water cisterns on our farm that looked just like this that were constantly kept full by running spring water from the nearby hillside. Some had pumps in them to pump the water into the homes they served, but the ones we used were both gravity fed to the house. Everyone in the family, including me, will claim to this day it was the best, purest and cleanest water we ever knew, and that was almost 60 years ago.”

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