• June 16, 2024

Are The Days Numbered For Biden’s Gatekeeper?

 Are The Days Numbered For Biden’s Gatekeeper?

We’ve been saying for a while that KJP wouldn’t last long in her position, but to be honest, I thought she’d be replaced a long time ago. She’s so bad at her job that I doubted the Biden administration would want to keep her on the front lines, but they proved me wrong and kept her there.

They seem to enjoy rewarding incompetence, don’t they? But, as Joe’s scandals pile up, it’s turning into a “red alert” over there, and KJP is turning into a puddle of quivering jell. As a result, one insider believes her days are numbered.

Another commie bites the dust…

Media Right News reported:

Fox News commentator Joe Concha believes that White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre has limited time left after the ridiculous pressers of late at the White House have continued.

Concha is asked, “How much longer can she continue this bob and weave?”

Concha responded, “Not too much longer.” He points out that watching the press briefings are painful.

During one recent press briefing, KJP was asked if she would bring a representative from the Department of Justice. in to answer questions about Biden’s classified document scandal. KJP told the reporter she would not, but continued to refer reporters to the DOJ for answers.

Concha called it a “circle of communication where there is no communication.”

As the White House refuses to be forthcoming about the information in Biden’s classified document scandal little bits of information come out slowly over day days keeping the news in the spotlight.

Concha is then asked, “How could she handle this better though?”

He gave credit to the former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, for being able to think on her feet and was able to push back. “You get the feeling from KJP, that she can’t answer these questions or pivot or at least show that she knows or has some ability to grasp what’s going on,” Concha railed on KJP. He went on to point out that she doesn’t seem to have the ability to be contrite or humble in her responses to the press.

Yes, whether you liked her or despised her, Jen Psaki knew how to command a room and a narrative with ease. That woman could lie without blinking.

When asked how long he thought KJP would be in office, Koncha said the Biden administration would likely phase her out over the next few months and pivot to the much better liar, John Kirby.


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