Anti-Trump Murphy Brown Reboot Has Just Been Hit With A Boatload Of Bad News!

It seems that the big thing the past several years has been instead of Hollywood coming up with new ideas they just put a new coat of paint on an old idea and Murphy Brown was no exception.

There are so many problems with trying to bring back old shows and movies that you would almost run out of internet listing all of them. A couple of them are that when you rehash an old TV program like Murphy Brown, its like telling someone the same exact joke every single day and wondering why they aren’t laughing by day one hundred and nine.

Another is that the landscape of television has changed so drastically in the past couple of decades. About the only place in the old days where you would hear talk about current events or political issues were on news programs that were SPECIFICALLY news programs or documentaries of some kind. You didn’t get hit over the head with every political message under the sun.

Now, everything has to be about politics. Sports, comedy shows, even sitting at a baseball game you’ll hear people talk more about politics than the game itself in some ways.

What these so called entertainers simply do not realize is that people work hard, they have stressful things that they have to deal with throughout the day and when they sit down at the end of it they want to be entertained. They don’t want to be lectured to on political ideology when they tune in to get a chuckle out of their system before they close their eyes to begin the day all over again tomorrow.

Murphy Brown and so many other shows (like The Connors) simply did not take the hint of people that have said time and time again that they just want to laugh when its time to laugh; now they are paying for it dearly.

From Breitbart:

CBS is cutting bait with its re-booted, President Trump-bashing sitcom, Murphy Brown, announcing it will not renew the show after its first 13 episodes, according to reports.

The Candice Bergan-fronted comedy came back with much fanfare as a full-throated attack on President Donald Trump, but lackluster ratings dogged the show from its very first episode.

CBS claims that Murphy Brown was “always” going to be a “closed-ended order of 13 episodes,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. But the show has had disappointing ratings from its debut at the end of September.

Whereas other more successful sitcoms are earning over seven million viewers, Murphy Brown has underperformed with only 6.2 million viewers and a mere .9 in the key 18-49 viewer demographic.

Murphy Brown is not alone in potentially facing the axe. Comedian Damon Wayans Jr’s freshman sitcom, Happy Together, is also coming to an abrupt end after its first 13 episodes.

Source: Breitbart


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