This Rapper’s Response, When Asked About Racism, DESTROYS The Liberal Narrative


During an interview with Skip Bayless, the 33-year-old rapper recalled a concert of his in Westchester where the audience was mostly white — a sure sign, he said, that racism no longer exists.

Lil Wayne said he has never experienced racism.

“Where are we in the United Sates of America in race relations — in what you see from day to day in your life?” Bayless asked.

“Skip, they wouldn’t want to ask me that,” Lil Wayne said. “They wouldn’t want my answer to represent them because God knows I have been nothing but blessed. These 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never — and never is a strong word — never dealt with racism.”

“And I’m glad I didn’t have to, and I don’t know if it’s because of my blessings, but it is my reality. So I have would have to say I thought it was over. I still believe it’s over. But obviously it isn’t.

“So you’ve never experienced any offensive behavior from any other color?” Bayless then asked.

“Never,” he said.


E. Goldstein

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