64yo Actress Shares Risqué Photos On Social Media To Prove She’s Still Got It [PHOTOS]

Graciela Ines Alfano Casanova, better known as Graciela Alfano, is an Argentinian actress, TV presenter, and model who has wowed fans by posting a picture of her perfect naked body at the age of 64.

The totally naked photo was taken in her home in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, shared them to both Twitter and Instagram, where she regularly shares revealing shots.

The picture with the caption, “This is the result of a healthy life,” quickly sparked debate among viewers, many said it was obvious that she had plastic surgery to enhance her features and make herself appear younger.

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According to americanow.com, one skeptical viewer said in response to the photo, “A healthy life…and silicon, liposuction, surgery, Photoshop.”

Another one speculated, “Healthy life? And a thousand surgeries?”

Posting pictures of yourself naked on the internet just makes you an idiot and a HUGE attention seeker. We can all look good at any age with just a little hard work. Anything good I had to say about you went right out the window.  It is having a pride and another little thing called self-respect, said by another reader.

Let us start calling this stupidity a dis-respect to children and decent women of the world. Those women who choose to take their clothes off in Movies and music videos and even television while calling it entertainment. Then and only then will they regain their respect as people with the ability to create debatable arguments that will elevate their cause rather than the ability to stimulate the body part of the male gender to achieve an empty goal. Women must begin to hold accountable of themselves,” another added.

Graciela appeared in comedies between the late 1970s and early 1980s, which made her a sex symbol.

She has also worked as a judge on the talent show Bailando por un Sueno (Dancing for a Dream) in Argentina.


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