• June 12, 2024

58 Year old Madonna Mocked On Twitter For Her Topless July 4th Photo

 58 Year old Madonna Mocked On Twitter For Her Topless July 4th Photo

It might be time for Madonna to retire. She seems to think the whole world still thinks she’s desirable but when a woman approaching 60 acts like she’s still 21 it’s just embarrassing.

The aging star tweeted a photo of herself topless for July 4th but many people were just grossed out.

Breitbart reports:

Madonna Mocked for Topless Fourth of July Photo: ‘Put Some Clothes On’

Pop icon Madonna celebrated the Fourth of July with a racy picture in which she posed topless with an American flag wrapped around her waist — but not all of her fans appreciated the holiday greeting.

The 58-year-old “Material Girl” superstar found herself mocked by some social media users after she posted the picture to her Twitter account Tuesday afternoon.

Check out the responses below:



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