What turned out to be most binge-worthy in your state might surprise you

The rise of “Netflix and chill” in living rooms across America is testament not only to the comfort of our couches, but also to the power of some very popular original content. While Netflix and providers like Amazon Prime don’t release ratings information, the increasing popularity of original series like Stranger Things and Luke Cage is irrefutable (See that time Netflix broke the internet for proof.) Here at HSI, we wondered if the data on streaming content by state in 2016 might tell a compelling story about how Netflix favorites reflect regional differences.


Americans all across the South and Midwest were obsessed with the ABC political thriller, Scandal. Shocking, right? Apparently, even though it’s an election year, we just can’t get enough of this intrigue, conspiracy stuff.  Coming in a close second was Orange is the New Black, Netflix’s most watched original series, known for its orange jump-suited cast and irreverent sense of humor. Bloodline, another Netflix original, scored a few super fan states with its steamy locale and tantalizing tale of mystery and murder.

Wondering how we determined your state’s streaming series winner?  Our team took the top 75 TV shows on Netflix, cross referenced the shows with Google Trends data, and determined which series was most likely to be streamed on devices near you. So hand over the remote and settle in while we dig into the data and discuss what streaming has to say about your part of the country.


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