Tennessee is First State To Ban BLM and Antifa on Campuses

All across America public universities are shutting down free speech in keeping with the fascist policies of the democratic party.  If a conservative speaker wants to speak to a campus, where they have been invited, liberal university officials merely cancel their appearance based on “making some students uncomfortable” or “for the safety of the students.”  That is no longer the case in Tennessee, where BLM and Antifa will be expressly forbidden by law to shut down conservative speakers.  School officials cannot cancel speakers they don’t agree with, nor can they punish professors who mention conservative ideals as long as they conform to the class that is being taught.

School administrators are strictly forbidden to create “Free Speech Zones” to limit where students can express their opinions.  The entire campus becomes a free speech zone.  Lest you think this is a partisan effort. let me educate you otherwise.  The bill passed by votes of 85-7 and 30-0, respectively. in the two Houses of the legislature.  Gov Bill Haslam will now sign the bill into law.  BLM and Antifa will find that interfering in speakers on public university campuses is now a felony and I expect it will be rigorously enforced.

The law also demands campuses use the actual legal definition of student-on-student “harassment” handed down by the Supreme Court, behavior “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive, and that so undermines and detracts from the victims’ educational experience, that the victim-students are effectively denied equal access to an institution’s resources and opportunities.”

According to a group instrumental in advocating free speech on campus, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), far lower standards of “harassment” are routinely used by administrators to prohibit speech that “distresses” or causes “emotional discomfort” to some students.

Finally, the Campus Free Speech Protection Act will forbid viewpoint-based discrimination in the distribution of funds for student groups and prevent faculty from being punished for what they choose to say in the classroom unless it is “not reasonably germane to the subject matter of the class as broadly construed, and comprises a substantial portion of classroom instruction.”

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