You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did On Facebook..

Facebook appears to be one of the most dangerous places to be anymore. In the last few weeks, we have seen gang rapes, kidnapping and torture, murder and now, another violent suicide. Early Saturday morning, officers from the Memphis Police Department responded to another incident relating to Facebook Live when the were called to the 1500 block of Madison street shortly after midnight.

Official reports of the incident state that when they arrived at the scene, they found a man that apparently attempted to commit suicide by setting himself on fire during a live Facebook feed. Police officers said that the victim’s ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore identified the man as Jared McLemore. The local FOX NEWS affiliate, FOX13, reported that that McLemore has a history of domestic violence including threatening to kill Ms. Moore on several occasions, according to information they uncovered in police reports.


City police said when they arrived to the scene, they discovered the man with severe burns over a large area of his body. Paramedics were called in and McLemore was rushed to Regional One hospital where doctors said he was in critical condition. A hospital spokesperson said that despite the efforts of medical staff, his burns were too severe and he later died from his injuries.

Police also said that when they arrived at the address, which was a midtown restaurant, they also found another man who was suffering from burns to the arms and hands which they believed were received when he tried to help extinguish the flames. An officer said the man had kicked the lighter away from McLemore as he tried to set himself on fire. That man, who police declined to identify, was also rushed to Regional One hospital in non-critical condition.

It appears that everyone wants to be a reality TV star and some are willing to kill and maim themselves and others for their fifteen minutes of fame. One expert told local FOX News anchor, Tony Atkins, why he thought these acts were becoming and more common on social media. He said that like it or not, live video on social media appears to be here to stay. Just about everyone is using it; some for good and some for not so good, dangerous acts appear to be trending on social media, even here in the Mid-South. Frankly, there really is no way to stop these people so it appears we will just have to get used to it. 

R.L. Grimes

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