Woman Shops in Walmart Wearing Vibrating Underwear, Boyfriend Has the Remote [VIDEO]

No doubt, many women love the new vibrating panties but not necessarily when you go to Walmart and you have a boyfriend who loves to torment you and has the remote control in his hand. Because if that’s the case, you could appear in the next issue of People of Walmart.

A prankster boyfriend pressed the switch to activate his girlfriend’s naughty vibrating knickers as she shopped.

Shya, who runs the popular YouTube channel ShyaCVT, can be seen holding the remote as Yiran enters a Walmart in the US, giving a sign of things to come.

By the supermarket’s doors she turns and says: ‘What are you doing? No, not yet!’

As the couple looked at a selection of DVDs Shya presses the button again and Yiran bends over in an attempt to control herself and flashes a smile for the camera.

However when she is talking to a store assistant by the video game section Yiran manages to keep her cool almost completely, bending over slightly as her cheeky other half presses the switch.]

She did mouth for Shya to stop at one point, however.

All through their conversation the shop assistant seems oblivious that she is being pleasured by her underwear at intervals.

The clip ends at a self-checkout when Yiran is being helped an employee with an item and Shya pushes the button yet again.

Again, the employee fails to notice something is amiss.

Since being uploaded late last month the video has amassed over 260,000 views on ShyaCVT which is a channel dedicated to Shya’s cruel tricks on his girlfriend.

At the beginning of the upload Shya said that it was a challenge for Yiran to test her composure.

H/T The Mail Online


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