Woman Notices Something Odd About Elderly Man, Quickly Realizes What Happened [WATCH]

 Woman Notices Something Odd About Elderly Man, Quickly Realizes What Happened [WATCH]

Amber alerts are just as vital as Silver Alerts, as they can save lives by getting the message out to the masses of a missing elderly person who may have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other mental disabilities or physical illnesses.

The law reportedly isn’t as strict with the Silver Alert, but it should be given how precious our seniors, parents, and grandparents are to us.

Case in point, an 88-year-old man was supposed to pick up his wife at a nail salon, but he never showed. After several hours, the family became frantic as he carries a portable oxygen tank. The family then decided to call the police, who then issued a Silver Alert.

With his oxygen depleting, the elderly man was confused and was waiting at the wrong nail salon.

Luckily, a perfect stranger noticed him. A local horse trainer who was running errands saw the elderly man twice and thought it was strange that he was in the same place for so long. She hesitated to knock on his window and thought maybe he was just waiting for someone and didn’t want to overreact.

“It just seemed a little strange that he didn’t move,” she told News Channel 5.

When she returned home, she saw the Silver Alert on Facebook and said that her “heart had dropped.”  So she then called the police to report the missing elderly man. More than four hours later and after the call, the police and paramedics found the elderly man who was then reunited with his sweetheart and family.

It’s comforting to see the care and concern given to the elderly, especially in times of need. We’ve seen similar acts of kindness through amazing programs offered to those with Alzheimer’s and with individuals like the kind stranger who stopped traffic to let an elderly woman safely cross the street.

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