After Giving Her MULTIPLE Warnings, Cop Teaches Woman a PAINFUL Lesson [VIDEO]

The men and women who defend the thin blue line have a thankless and difficult job and the dangers of donning the uniform are increasingly present.

This video takes you to beautiful state of Washington where an officer has been dispatched to a domestic disturbance on the streets of Seattle. While the officer is attempting to question the male suspected involved, his girlfriend begins to approach the officer.

You can hear the officer repeat himself several times saying “ma’am, get away from me”. For all the officer knows, should could be carrying some sort of weapon with which to harm or kill the officer. In the era of Obama’s war on cops, an officer simply cannot exercise enough caution when dealing with suspects.

Despite multiple warnings from the officer to keep her distance, the woman continued to approach and proceeded to rush him from behind.

If there is anything that can be learned from this video it’s the simple fact that if an officer of the law tells you to keep your distance, you had better listen. Not only will you probably get your ass kicked but you’ll also get to lick your wounds in jail.


E. Goldstein

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