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Woman Found Hanging From Bedsheets In Popular Seaside Resort Guest Room [PHOTOS]

 Woman Found Hanging From Bedsheets In Popular Seaside Resort Guest Room [PHOTOS]

Abigail Brown – known as Abi – was found hanging by her bedsheets in their room by her 30-year-old boyfriend James Brum in the popular seaside resort of Phuket.

Police saw the couple arguing at the White Room nightclub and after the pair parted Miss Brown spotted her boyfriend of two years chatting up other women.


The 26-year-old’s mother Jane Rowland told Portsmouth Coroner’s Court that she did not believe her daughter intended to kill herself on January 6 this year.

“Abi was a gregarious fun loving girl with a zest for life,” she told the inquest on Monday. “She could be in a moment and take you with her. She was wanderlust, thoughtful and generous.”



Abi had been out with her partner James in Phuket before she returned to their apartment ‘in a huff’(Photo: Family/Solent News)

“She had a wide network of friends and kept in close contact with them,” Jane continued. “We had a close relationship, she always told me everything.

“I can only come to the conclusion that on that night she had too much to drink, was upset and only meant to make James aware how upset she was, I truly believe that Abi never meant the outcome to be fatal.”

The inquest heard Abi, who had already travelled to Australia, Bali, India and the Philippines, moved from London in August 2016 to be with her boyfriend, who was being sponsored by the nearby Tiger Muay Thai camp.

A very short police statement, written by police captain Somkiat Sarasit, investigation officer of the Chalong Police Station and read out by Coroner Samantha Marsh revealed officers arrived at the room at 6.50am.

Jane and Rob Rowland, Abi’s parents, outside Portsmouth Coroner’s Court today (Photo: Solent News)

“We went to investigate [the hotel room] and found a British woman, Abigail Brown, approximately 20-years-old and I found her lying unconscious.”

She also added that her boyfriend had been the first person to spot her.

A toxicology report report revealed there was alcohol, although the exact amounts were not given, in her system along with sickness medication metoclopramide and malaria treatment drug Quinine – standard among travellers.

The medicinal cause of death was given as suffocation or asphyxiation by Police Colonel Wiroot Sipasimgsirip and Police Cap Sarasit respectively.

The coroner also read out a report from the Mirror, written by Chris Kitching, when the news of her death broke on January 9.

Jane and Rob Rowland do not believe their daughter meant to kill herself (Photo: Solent News)

“A British backpacker has been found hanged in a hotel room in Thailand after a row with her boyfriend,” she read.

“The 26-year-old holidaymaker – identified by Thai media as Abigail Louise Brown from Plymouth – was partying with her partner but returned alone to the hotel at 3am after a bust-up.

“Her boyfriend walked back at around 6am and found her lifeless body in the room on the popular holiday island of Phuket before frantically trying to revive her.

“Police and rescue workers arrived after being called by a couple in a neighbouring room who had rang for help. But the woman was pronounced dead at the scene, on the island’s famous Soi Ta-iad ‘Muay Thai street’ in the Chalong district, and her body was taken to hospital.

“Lt Somkiet Sarasit, from Chalong police station, said: “The young woman hanged herself. There was no fighting and no cuts to her body. The man said that they had been out together. They had an argument and she returned early. They had been fighting about silly things.

“It was suicide and we’re not looking for any suspects. The body has been sent to Wachira Phuket hospital.’ Lt Somkiet said the woman’s boyfriend pleaded with them to revive her but her irises were were not responding to light and ‘her skin was getting dark’.

“‘The British Embassy have been informed and have contacted the woman’s family in the UK,’ he added. Lt Somkiet said that a post-mortem showed no signs of injuries apart from marks around her neck.”

Although Coroner Marsh insisted that Miss Brown, an organ donor who had wanted to be cremated and have her ashes scattered in shark food, had put the bedsheets around her neck, she did not believe she intended to kill herself.

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