• June 19, 2024

Woman Feels Something Warm Hit Her Neck, Turns Around And Sees What One Man Is Holding

 Woman Feels Something Warm Hit Her Neck, Turns Around And Sees What One Man Is Holding

A West Virginia man has been charged with a uniquely perverse form of sexual assault.

Timothy D. Blake, 28, was arrested for assaulting a series of women in Marietta, Ohio, reports the Daily Mail.

Blake has allegedly admitted to following women around a Walmart and spraying them with a syringe containing his semen, reports the Parkersburg News and Sentinel. There were reportedly 12 such incidents over a two-month period.

According to the criminal complaint, one woman noticed a “creepy man” following her around the store, and then noticed something wet on her backside and went to the bathroom to clean it off. When she emerged from the bathroom, the suspect was staring at her.

When Blake left the store, the victim followed him and made note of his vehicle, which enabled police to identify and locate him. He was later arrested at a restaurant while eating dinner with his wife.

“It’s not something that we’ve encountered before and after we arrested Mr. Blake, we asked him about it, and he said it was something that he had discovered on the internet and decided to try it,” Sheriff Mincks of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office told WTAP.

At first, Blake claimed that the material in the syringe was egg yolks, but then admitted it was semen after being told by police that the substance had been tested. According to court records, Blake explained that he would masturbate in his truck or in the Walmart parking lot, then add his semen to the syringe.

When asked of his motivation, he was quoted as speculating that “maybe it was his way of having sex with these women and that was what he thought of when committing these acts.” He also mentioned being molested as a child.

Blake was released on $11,000 bond Jan. 3, but he is required to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

This is not the only semen-related crime in the news lately. In December, three high school students in Nebraska got caught masturbating on school food, reported the Omaha World-Herald.

In that case, the boys added their bodily fluid to frosting that was applied to pastries being baked in Home Economics class. Since the act did not fit a particular category of crime, they were charged with merely disturbing the peace.

Sources: Daily Mail, Parkersburg News and Sentinel, Omaha World-Herald

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