• April 13, 2024

Woman Exacts Revenge On Boyfriend, But NEVER Expected It To Go Like THIS [PHOTOS]

 Woman Exacts Revenge On Boyfriend, But NEVER Expected It To Go Like THIS [PHOTOS]

A woman took to Twitter to get revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend, who reportedly asked a woman in private messages if they could engage in sex with a pet.

WARNING: the text exchange below includes explicit language of a vulgar and sexual nature.

Twitter user Olivia Peachey posted a photo on May 2 of her ex’s designer sneakers, saying she was selling them because he cheated on her, Inquisitr reported.


What followed that photo was a series of screenshots of direct message conversations between Peachey’s ex and a woman on Twitter. In the messages, the ex asked the woman several questions about her sexual history, including “what’s the strangest/weirdest thing you’ve put up your p*ssy?”

The ex asked the woman to take a photo of her bed, saying that he liked to see where his “girls” sleep and that “some girls have a those old fashioned head boards with the handles” that they would “ride like d*cks.”




“Ohh I see. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those. But I can use something else,” the girl responded, Simply Oloni reported.

Several weeks later, the two began talking about having sex with animals.

“Do you have any pets?” the ex asked.

“No why?” the girl responded. “I would never do anything with an animal. Ever.”


“Oh okay, I have a few girls that do that, and I pay $2500 a video for that so I wanted to check,” he wrote.

Simply Oloni spoke with Peachey about the decision to make her cheating ex’s conversation public. When asked about her reaction to discovering her boyfriend’s cheating, she was direct.

“You know what, I wasn’t even shocked! I knew there wasn’t something quite right about him. So I was kind of pleased that I trusted my gut for so long,” she said. “He was always really obsessed with anything sexual, I’d tell him how I was or how my day went and he’d immediately come out with stuff like ‘come and sit on my d*ck’ or ‘come and sit on my face.’ I told him on several occasions I found him a bit creepy and it was all too much.”

Though she found his sexual advances to be strange, Peachey admitted that she loved him and trusted him.

“I did love him. I took him to Paris for his birthday in March. I remember when we there I picked up his phone to take a picture and a girl popped up on his phone saying, ‘I really need that money,’ I obviously flipped out, tried to end it with him. He kept telling me it was an old friend and he had borrowed money off her, the shady part was when he deleted the conversation before I could see it,” she said.

When she finally decided to hack his phone, Peachey said she was “tired of feeling so anxious about him all the time.”

“I printed off all the screenshots from his DM’s, knocked on his door, told him to sit down, threw the paper at him and told him I knew exactly what he had been up to. He didn’t really say much, held his head in his hands. He knew he had f*cked up and there was no going back. He tried to [apologize] and justify his [behavior], I wasn’t having any of it obviously.”

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