• June 25, 2024

White Model With Huge Breasts Turns Black. See It For Yourself [VIDEO]

 White Model With Huge Breasts Turns Black. See It For Yourself [VIDEO]

A German glamour model has shocked her fans with a new “extreme tan” that has turned her fair skin to “dark crispy brown” and made her look “African dark”. She has spent over $50,000 to turn herself into an “exotic Barbie.”

The appropriately named Martina Big, 28, has unique breast implants that can be pumped up to size 32S by injecting saline into them, reports the Daily Mail.

And her formerly white skin is now a “dark, crispy brown,” thanks to her 50-tube tanning bed and a chemical called Melanotan that she had injected into her skin.

She began her transformation in 2012, after her boyfriend encouraged her to become a model. At first, she attempted to emulate the look of Pamela Anderson or Katie Price, but soon decided they are “not curvy enough,” and set her goal on getting curvier and “darker and darker and see what the limits are.”

So far, she has found the results to be very satisfying. “I love the contrast of my bright blonde hair and my dark, crispy brown skin,” she said. “I love seeing the reactions of people. I can see their big eyes when I walk past and their shocked faces, thinking ‘how is this possible?'”

As evidenced in her photos, her facial skin is lightest around her mouth, giving her somewhat of a “blackface” appearance, similar to that used in American minstrel shows in which entertainers (primarily white) applied burnt cork as makeup, as described by the educational website Black-Face.com.

However, Martina insists there is nothing racial about her appearance. “Yes, I have the skin of an African girl,” she admits. “But I am not pretending to be a black girl. I’m going to create a unique and exotic Barbie with dark tan, bright blonde hair and exaggerated curves. I like this look.”

Her fans were initially baffled by her dramatic transformation, “because they have never seen a white girl change her skin to African dark before,” Martina explains.

But now they are used to it, she says, and are encouraging her to “Go darker! Go darker!”’

Her boyfriend, Michael, is encouraging her, too. “I hope for the future that Martina will continue inflating her breasts, inflating her lips, getting more tanned and getting big butt implants,” he says.

He even got some tanning injections, himself. “I didn’t want to go quite as dark as Martina but I support her and like her new look very much,” adding: “I am the boyfriend of the woman with the largest breasts in Europe.”

If she is concerned about the potential health risks of her extreme tanning methods, it has not been reported.

Although the chemical is reportedly readily available from online sources, Melanotan is not approved by the FDA. As for tanning beds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that “indoor tanning can cause skin cancers including melanoma (the deadliest type of skin cancer), basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma” — in addition to “cataracts and cancers of the eye (ocular melanoma).”

But Martina is not likely to let those potential dangers stand in the way of her self-described quest to become the “ultimate real-life Barbie bimbo.”

Sources: opposingviews.com

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