When News Reporting Did Not Go As Planned [PHOTOS and GIFs]

The great thing about live news broadcasts is that you never know what’s going to happen.  Whether it’s a photobomb, a wardrobe malfunction or something happening in the background that’s out of their control, it can lead to some really funny clips.  One other danger thhat has been on the rise for the last couple of years is hoaxes.

Thanks for high-fiving my face!

This news reporter really needs to work on his high-fiving skills. That guy didn’t even get mad…way to keep your composure. HIGH FIVE TO THE FACE. But really, somebody should make sure that guy is okay. The news reporter is way too smiley now that I think about it. Maybe he did it on purpose?

This TV station should probably slash their Monster Energy Drink budget. This reporter is way more pumped up than he needs to be to do these man-on-the-street spots.

The way this is supposed to go is that the crowd goes nuts while the reporter stands there and smiles a little abiding smile while holding their hand to their ear. The reporter isn’t supposed to go BEASTMODE on a bunch of mellow bystanders.

It’s alive


Fish like to be in water. This young reporter had to learn it the hard way, and sadly this elderly fisherman takes the brunt of the pain from her realization.

Although if you look at his face, maybe “sadly” is the wrong word. When he was falling asleep the night before he was scheduled to do this TV spot, this is probably exactly the pie-in-the-sky scenario he envisioned.

If you feel bad for the fish, don’t. It’s an Asian Carp, a prolific invasive species that’s become a danger both to local ecosystems and to people. They have a tendency to leap out of the water when they’re disturbed. Boats that motor through waterways that contain large numbers of them may find themselves being bombarded with dozens or hundreds of the huge fish. Injuries have occurred.

Looks like these two came out unscathed, though. Maybe even better off than before it happened.

Captain Jack is a creeper


I mean sure he came up all creepy and started sniffing your hair, but still…have some respect for the Captain. I think he yells “parlay” just before being dragged off.

Look, just because you spent a bunch of time and money on your Jack Sparrow costume doesn’t mean you are literally Jack Sparrow. When Heath Ledger method acted The Joker he didn’t go around stabbing people with pencils and burning huge stacks of money. So don’t think borderline sexual assault counts as “rakish charm” just because you put guyliner on.

Even if this guy was literally Johnny Depp, this would probably still not work out well for him. Poor Madison Brooks. This is surely not what she envisioned when she was working her way through journalism school.

Just a nudge

 These animals are in cages for a reason. It means you should stay on your side of the fence, if you’re smart.

MMA Fighter Goats are not a joke. They have been trained since birth to take news reporters out for their cutesy reports.

Goats are notorious for headbutting anyone and anything they feel poses even the mildest threat to their safety or self-image. They are bizarre and unpleasant creatures and it’s time we stop letting them walk all over us like this.

Baba Booey time

 If a reporter dares to cover a story in front of the Sirius XM studios in Manhattan, they should expect Howard Stern’s people to do something ridiculous.

This is one of the show’s shining moments.

The level of commitment to this bit is inspiring. This is the work of trained professionals, or amateurs who have what it takes to make it to the big time. You can just feel their passion.

This is made much funnier by the fact that the reporter appears to have no idea what’s transpiring behind him. He’s too busy wearing that tie.

The future is now!…woah woah woah!

Coming up…how NOT to use an aqua jetpack. This guy doesn’t even have a helmet on…setting a real bad example for the kids.

Okay, that guy clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing but you know what, he’s having fun and that’s all that matters at this point.

You can just tell how cool he thinks he’s going to look before everything falls apart. Every single detail of this clip is hilarious, from his grin to the dramatic zoom to the reporter getting knocked out of the way.

 The good news is he was wearing his favorite undies

 The most difficult part of a news reporter’s job isn’t being articulate or charismatic…it’s dealing with hecklers while reporting live.

Hey, at least he was wearing underwear and chose not to go commando. It would have been a lot more tragic otherwise.

What’s he even reporting on, anyway? Is that some kind of underwear rollerskate pageant? Or is that just what happens in Union Square on a normal summer day? Could be the latter.

Freedom of press isn’t a thing in the Ukraine

 This happened to a reporter while recording during a protest march in the Ukraine…that’s gonna be an expensive fix.

Be thank you live in a country where it’s less likely you’ll get your camera lens smashed in from an angry crowd control cop.

Maybe put the camera down, bro?

Hey look I’m on TV!

 Apparently the dude in the background had never seen a reporter and was so mesmerized that he forgot about the large drop-off in front of him.

Maybe he was just trying to take a selfie and at the last second, the sun’s glare off the bald man’s head caught his attention and he lost his balance and went right into Poseidon’s depths.

It’s okay, I would be distracted too.

This is how you get rid of a pesky reporter

 Walking and reporting is dangerous. Never let someone you love walk and report without supervision… otherwise this will happen.

This could not have been better timed and composed if it was staged. The interview subject must have been extremely captivating for this to happen.

Although it actually looks like he’s trying to get away from the reporter. Perhaps this was karmic justice for bugging people.

Monkey business at the Grape Festival

 This monkey really likes the news reporter (pay close attention to his right hand). Naughty monkey.

Can you really blame the monkey, though?

Okay, yeah, you can. Somebody please stop this monkey from getting handsy with the reporter. Thanks.

Snow Job

 There’s no way that both he AND his cameramen failed to see this fate coming. Way to ruin an expensive microphone.

10/10 for style, 5/10 for grace. 10/10 for pain infliction.

But really, this guy really went all out to get the shot. He’s now been courted by the National Snow Gymnastics Team.

Getting fresh with the Fresh Prince

 We know Will Smith is really good looking, but that doesn’t mean you could get fresh with him. Check out the insulting backhand Will lays down to show his disapproval. Shame on you, reporter man.

This incident actually caused a huge controversy because the entertainment reporter shown is known for his red carpet “pranks” that border on harrassment.

Good for Will for standing up for himself.

Hello, crazy man

 He kind of looks like Johnny Manziel….. wait.

I sort of wish all reporters had this going on behind them at all times. It would make news reports much more exciting, entertaining, and all around better.

But seriously.

Mother nature can get sassy

 Poor Holly. No matter what she does with her career, this footage will never go away. For those who think mother nature can’t communicate, here’s proof to the contrary. This GIF, fortunately, is from the television show, The Class. Although crazier things have happened in real life. A flying stop sign isn’t the worst a reporter has had…

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