Village Struggles With Church Bell Embossed With Nazi Insignia [VIDEO]

From the outside, there is nothing remarkable about the church of St. Jacob but locked away inside its 1,000-year-old tower is a disturbing secret that is said to be connected to the Nazi party.

The Jakobskirche village church in the small town of Herxheim am Berg holds a bell that created controversy after it was discovered to be emblazoned with Nazi insignia.

The church is 1,000 years old and thus was standing throughout the country’s dark period during World War II and the Holocaust. The bell was reportedly added to the church in 1934.

The bell was found to bear a swastika under the phrase “All for the Fatherland, Adolf Hitler.”

Many residents have complained and believe the bell — or at least the Nazi inscriptions on it — should be removed. The town’s mayor is not among those people.

“When something functions well, why should you change it?” Mayor Ronald Becker said. “Any change to the bell could harm the sound.”

The mayor considers the bell a “historic relic” but has dismissed ideas to turn the site into a World War II memorial.

“[The bell] is closed in the church tower and it will remain so,” he said.

Reader’s comments were also on fire after reports about the bell came out to social media.

One wrote, “Good choice mayor! A bell is not pertinent to the regime that manufactured it and carries no significance other than it’s sound just as clothing on sale today that is marked “Made in China” bears no significance.”

“Why would it matter at this point? What is on the bell? If nobody has noticed or cared since ww2 then it is probably some liberal weenie now who is making a big stink about nothing,” anti-liberal wrote.

Another reader relate the issue to Confederate Flag, “If we were to ban any flag that bears a reasonable resemblance to any of the flags used by any component of the Confederacy, then we would need to ban all flags since every flag used by anyone one anywhere can be construed as resembling at least one of the many many Confederate flags that were used.”


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