• May 25, 2024

Cop-Hating Antifa Thug Blocks Police Vehicles, Gets Smacked With Brutal Lesson [VIDEO]

 Cop-Hating Antifa Thug Blocks Police Vehicles, Gets Smacked With Brutal Lesson [VIDEO]

A video has emerged during the recent G20 Summit which President Donald Trump attended, where an Antifa thug who was trying to block the road was hit by a cop.

The video shows the caravan of police trying to cross a crowded intersection in Hamburg, Germany, during the recent G20 Summit which President Donald Trump attended. As the van tries to make a right turn, several protesters were trying to block the police caravan. The cops were fed-up with the delays. Another Antifa thug stepped in to block a police vehicle. Then, it was too to realize that doing so was a huge mistake.

The cops got out in the vehicle and delivered a brutal strike to the punk who thought he was a badass.

The video continues to show the thug dazed like a drunk pigeon, trying to regain his balance. As the thug walks away, he is seen whining at the cop who has continued pushing other protesters out of the street.

As you can hear in the video, the scene erupted angry voices from the crowd after the police hits the protester.

The “Welcome to Hell” rally is one the of a number of protests against both the G20 summit taking place in the city and Donald Trump’s arrival.

Mr Trump presence, along with that of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, has provoked additional anger.

Protesters were all over the place as expected by the police, approximately 100,000 potentially violent activists from across Europe and beyond. As a result they had deployed more than 20,000 officers in the city.

The video below shows what a hellish fight the cops in Hamburg were dealing with during the summit that resulted to hundreds of officers being injured during the summit while numerous of arrests being made.

These cops in Germany have a tough job just like those here in America. Socialism has long been a part of life in Europe, and they are seeing the consequences of allowing it to flourish. It is mind boggling how the citizens of countries like France and Germany can suffer so much but continue to elect the liberal devils that drag them further toward oblivion.

America has the opportunity to avoid the same fate by continuing to support President Donald Trump and help to maintain our borders, language, and culture. When we see videos such as these, it really seems as if the law enforcement community in Europe is fighting a losing battle, but it does provide a brief sense of retribution to see at least one of these thugs get what he deserves for standing in front of police vehicles.


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  • Apparently this insanity is world wide, looks like Soros has very long arms.

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