Man Lead By Stripper To Private Booth Gets Much More Than He Bargained For [VIDEO]


Las Vegas is often the destination of choice for tourists because the city offers many attractions: casinos, bars, etc.

In short, every trip to Las Vegas has its share of twists and they often remain engraved in the heads of those who experienced Sin City for life, even though we’re told what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

In this man’s case, he will certainly never forget the time he went to a strip club off the Vegas strip.

At one point in the evening, the man decided to pay a visit to one of the private booths with one of the young ladies, but never could have guessed what was about to happen next.


Because the room was dimly lit, the dancer leapt on him while wearing a zombie costume! Obviously, the man was mortified and his reaction is too hilarious!


The initiative of these women proves one thing: even if they are only doing it for the money, they still find a way to have some fun while they are at work!

In the man’s case, we bet he will be admiring the dancers from the bar and staying far away from booths in the future!




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