Veteran Police Officer Dies In Shootout

Police in San Antonio, Texas are morning the loss of one of their own this morning after he succumbed to wounds he received yesterday afternoon near San Antonio College. The veteran San Antonio police officer died this morning just one day after being shot in the head while investigating reports of a vehicle break-in.

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A Police Department spokesperson said, Officer Miguel Moreno, 32, was shot Thursday afternoon after he and his partner approached two men and one immediately pulled out a handgun and opened fire on the two officers. San Antonio Chief William McManus said that the officers wanted to question the men but didn’t consider them suspects.

Fox 29 San Antonio reported that after being shot officer Moreno was dragged out of the line of fire by his partner, Julio Cavazos, 36. Officer Cavazos was also wounded in the exchange of gunfire in the downtown area. Cavazos was shot in the chin but despite his wound was able to return fire on the subjects, striking one of the assailants in the buttocks. Officer Cavazos was reported in stable condition and expected to survive his wounds.

The hospital also reported to the television station, that during his initial examination, doctors found a bullet fragment lodged in his lung. It appears that the fragment was part of a bullet that had first struck the protective vest he was wearing at the time of the incident.

Police sources said their officers later found a person believed to be the shooter dead from a bullet wound to the head. Investigators aren’t sure if the bullet came from his own gun in an apparent suicide, or from an officer’s service weapon. The second suspect being approached by the officers when his partner opened fire, was detained at the scene for questioning, but later was released because police believe he had no knowledge that the shooter was armed. Officials said the college had been placed on lock-down for a brief period of time following the alert of “Shots Fired”.

Moreno and Cavazos had both been with the San Antonio Police Department for nine years. Arrangements are currently pending for Officer Moreno.

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