• May 28, 2024

Using Only His BARE HANDS, One Man Built An Absolutely Amazing Swimming Pool!

 Using Only His BARE HANDS, One Man Built An Absolutely Amazing Swimming Pool!

There’s something to say for someone that can make something out of non-traditional materials.

For example, there was something that I saw recently where a guy made a camper big enough for one person that he could haul behind his bicycle. He was something that did a lot of cycling and camping so it made perfect sense.

However, you would have to answer the question of how were you going to keep the weight of the thing down to where a reasonable person could haul it behind a pedal bike or at the very least a pedal/electric combo.

Well, what he did was he figured out that if you used the same material that they make lawn signs for political campaigns you could make a one person light camper that weighted about fifty or sixty pounds depending on what you made it out of and what you put inside it.

It was a sight to behold when it was finished. Building things out of non-traditional stuff is amazing because it just proves the ingenuity that people have when their minds are really put to the test.

Via Liftable:

There’s a certain appeal to living out in the wilderness, isn’t there? Forget about bills, dental appointments, broken heaters and too-tight schedules.

Indeed, the hectic nature of modern life seems to spawn these sorts of fantasies. Just look everything from the tiny house movement to Jean Craighead George’s 1959 novel “My Side of the Mountain.”

To many of us, wilderness living has a definite appeal. But as video from a popular YouTuber shows, any sort of amenity requires a lot of work when you’re roughing it.

With nearly two million subscribers, Tube Unique Wilderness has definitely capitalized on the back-to-nature craze. Most of the shorts feature men who appear to live somewhere in the jungles Central America or perhaps Southeast Asia.

Although the unnarrated videos don’t provide the participants’ names, viewers won’t soon forget their daring feats. Eating centipedes. Digging up snakes’ nests. Catching crocodiles.

Yet for every eerie encounter with wildlife, the videos also highlight remarkable construction projects. Using nothing but the materials at hand, these men craft incredible edifices.

One project involves a mud-walled villa. Another deals with creating an ancient kind of winepress.

But one of Tube Unique Wilderness’ more recent videos involves the construction of something entirely recreational: The subject transforms his primitive villa by putting a pool on top of it.

The footage opens with the man coming out of his small, two-story home and watering the plants that sit in a raised, rectangular bed above a central depression. You can soon tell that he has something more in mind, though.

He collects rocks from a nearby ridge and begins piling them in the depression, making trip after trip. Once finished, he beats them with a stick to break them into smaller pieces until only a fine powder remains.

Next comes pot after pot of water that the man pours in to make a kind of slurry. As he mashes it with his feet, you realize he’s creating a crude kind of cement.

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