• May 25, 2024

This Husbands Video Of His Trip To Get Pregnant Wife Craving Food Is Absolutely Hilarious!

 This Husbands Video Of His Trip To Get Pregnant Wife Craving Food Is Absolutely Hilarious!

One thing that a married couple with children can tell you is that there are months during the pregnancy where the mother deservedly so gets more attention and any decent guy will do whatever is needed for that woman at the drop of a hat.

When those late night cravings start happening, the husband will go from dead sleep to in line at the grocery store getting whatever odd combination that the wife would request.

She’s requesting for the baby of course because all of those cravings are what the baby is wanting at that particular moment to make sure that all ten fingers and all ten toes grow to the desired size.

Sometimes, the guy has to perform a little bit of magic to get some of these things. Sure, you can find pickles and ice cream anywhere at any time of the day but sometimes there are some combinations that you just about have to work miracles to get.

This is exactly the dilemma one dad experienced when his pregnant wife decided olives were just the thing she craved at this hour of the morning.

Leave it to one of our favorite social media comedy couples to create a video that truly captures the extreme of pregnancy cravings.

Via Liftable:

The LadBaby duo is a sensation. The parenting pair boasts millions of Facebook followers and they don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Maybe it’s just their British humor that gets us or the way Dad is always so serious when it comes to … well … everything!

We can’t get enough of their foibles and mishaps. From the Baby Shark challenge to their Disneyland experience, the LadBaby family will never cease to make you laugh until you cry.

And that is especially true for one of their 2018 videos titled “When pregnancy cravings keep you awake at night.”

Watch as Dad drives around looking for olives for his wife. What he comes up with is certain to split your sides.

“Have you ever grown a perfect human being?” she asks. This mom knows how to sell it! I may just have to use that line next time I’m craving olives at 3 a.m.

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