Ukrainian Singers Music Video is Blasted as Pornography [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Anna Sedokova , from the Ukraine just produced a music video for her song “It’s So Wet Between Us” that is being panned as being nearly pornography.  The video stars American model Gayana Bagdasaryan dressed in lingerie and stiletto heels.  She is seen slinking across the floor and posing in extremely provocative positions.  The video is being widely criticized.

 Gayana dances seductively and caresses her body in the footage while she parades around half-naked.

In one scene, she crawls across the floor in just her underwear showing off every curve of her body.

The model wrote on her social media account: ‘Well, and before going to bed, I cannot but please the male audience and release the video #It Is So Wet Between Us on my new song #CRUSH’

Mother-of-three Anna, also a famous beauty, said of the video: ‘To be honest, it made my day too.’

The video was slammed by internet commentators, who blasted the erotic video for appearing similar to a blue movie.

Netizen ‘daniel_milev’ said: ‘Anna why are you humiliating yourself and your kids with this s****y porn video?!’

And one identified as ‘aigul_nugabest’ noted: ‘This looks cheap.’

One named ‘evil_in_a_dress’ added: ‘This is no longer you showing us your sexuality, it is you showing your sex addiction.
‘And later people wonder why teenagers get so crazy.’

But some praised the video and called it a ‘wonderful’ accompaniment to the song.

Netizen ‘ms.katusha14’ wrote: ‘This video is on fire. I loooove it.’

And ‘msi_tofi_offcial’ commented: ‘You keep on surprising us. Well done. The model looks stunning, such a great body. Wonderful video.’

H/T The Mail Online

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