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This Simple Sex-Move Puts Women In Control, And Guys Love It Too.

 This Simple Sex-Move Puts Women In Control, And Guys Love It Too.

Imagine the perfect passion position: It would be comfortable, make you feel seductive and sensual and all but guarantee an earth-shattering climax. Sound like sexual science fiction? Actually, it’s woman-on-top — the carnal configuration that flips missionary sex on its head and puts you in total control. “Being on top offers more gratification than other sex styles because it lets you feel close to your partner and puts you in charge of your own pleasure,” explains Beverly Whipple, PhD, sex educator and professor emeritus of nursing at Rutgers University. “You decide how fast the pace is and how deep your guy will enter you, making it more likely that you will reach orgasm.”

Another benefit? It makes guys go gaga. In fact, the men in this month’s Cosmo sex survey rated it their number one way to knock boots. Seems that the sight of you playing cowgirl in his saddle is enough to burn him up with lust. Yet Cosmo gets tons of e-mails from readers saying they have no clue how to move in the female-superior pose and are scared of looking like a rodeo rider gone wrong. Well, honey, we think it’s high time you ditch those jitters and hop aboard your favorite bronco. To assist you in adding woman-on-top to your erotic repertoire, we’ve come up with four ways to master this mattress-quaking maneuver.

The cowgirl position is one of the most popular positions among men.


Why do men love it so much?

“Love being able to see her on top and really getting into it. Also allows easy access to assist in stimulating her with my fingers at the same time,” one man explained.


If you and your partner are significantly different in size, this position can help.

For men with a little more muscle or for those who are overweight, this position will help make your woman feel more comfortable. On top, she will feel less suffocated and can control the thrusting.


Ever wonder what it’s like to have sex during pregnancy?

Many experts and women say that this position is great during pregnancy, but you might want to look further than the missionary position. Here’s what they had to say about the cowgirl.

“There’s no pressure on your belly, and you can control the speed and depth of penetration,” Mehmet Oz, M.D and Michael Roizen, M.D. wrote on the Fit Pregnancy website.


It isn’t just popular among men, it’s also quite popular among women.

Skyn Condoms surveyed over 2,800 women, ages 18-34 and they ranked cowgirl the third most popular.


It is often portrayed as empowering for women.

Remember this scene on Game of Thrones when Daenerys learns the art of seduction? She no longer made love ‘like a slave.’


Here are a few more advantages for ‘woman on top’ according to Maxim.

1. You get a better workout
2. You know your angles.
3. You’re in charge.
4. The orgasms are better.
5. You can set the pace.
6. Your hair doesn’t get as messed up.
7. Everyone has a better view.


They say variety is the spice of life.

And with ‘woman on top,’ you can get plenty of it. You can experiment with reverse missionary, reverse cowgirl, or coordinate a sitting position.


Stimulation may require more focus for both lovers.

When a woman on top, the penis isn’t pointed down at her clitoris (sometimes missionary doesn’t provide this either, it’s a struggle, guys), so if you want to stimulate that area, then she or her partner should use her hands or a toy to do so.

Additionally, keep in mind that a man’s blood flow is now moving away from the tip of the penis. In other words, you gotta do some work.


Okay, now to the scary part. We don’t want to get you paranoid, but the ‘woman on top’ position is the leading cause of penile fractures.

Yes, that’s right. Even though the penis lacks a bone, it can still break. It can be fractured while the man is erect and if this happens, the injury will require immediate medical attention. Has this happened? Stop reading this and go to the doctor. Now!


According to a report published in Advances in Urology, about half of penile fractures are caused by this position.

This happens because of the weight landing on the erect penis.


The study also revealed that doggy-style is responsible for 29% of penile fractures while missionary is responsible for 21%.

So, eliminating the cowgirl position doesn’t guarantee your safety. Both partners should always be careful and aware of their actions and comfort levels.


Remember this episode of New Girl when Schmidt broke his penis?

 “I broke my penis. Things got…I mean, just out of control with Nadia last night. And, there was like this one moment where it was just blinding pain,” he explained.

“And there was another moment where I was watching myself watch myself. I think I finally understand what The Tree of Life is about. And I can’t be certain of this, but I’m almost positive that Nadia’s vagina contains a right angle.”


If you’re a woman having sex with another woman, you should also be careful.

Obviously, penile fracture isn’t possible in this case, but you should always get to know your own body and your partner’s body well. If you’re using a strap-on, make sure to thrust gently at first and pay attention to how your partner responds before speeding it up.


The truth is that some women don’t really like the cowgirl position.

One Thought Catalog writer spoke for the under represented in her article by noting, “Too many dudes do the ‘hands-behind-the-head, passively receiving a blowjob’ move while getting ridden.”

Sound familiar? Just because you’re on the bottom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your back into it.

The writer defended that there was such a thing as ‘good girl-on-top sex,’ and suggested reverse cowgirl position instead.


So, there you have it. You can still do enjoy the cowgirl position, you just have to be careful.


Source: lifebuzz.com

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