• April 13, 2024

Black Woman’s reason to fight to keep Confederate monument in St. Louis Park [video]

 Black Woman’s reason to fight to keep Confederate monument in St. Louis Park [video]

Black woman defends confederate monument against efforts to remove it – photo credit – video – KMOV

When a black woman in St. Louis who has ancestors that were very well slaves is fighting against the removal of a Confederate monument in a city park, you may be wondering has she lost her mind? Peggy Hubbard has posted a Facebook video to discuss her platform, rally and Stand up For America GoFundMe effort to save the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park, according to KMOV. Is she right?

There has been an escalation in the furor which has gripped the midwestern town over the future of the monument which honors the soldiers and sailors who fought for the South during the nation’s Civil War. Hubbard has a great deal of opposition to her effort to preserve the monument. A growing number of residents as well as St. Louis Alderwoman Sharon Tyus and the city’s mayor are determined to bring the monument down.

Hubbard is sticking by her guns and stated, “These were Americans, these are soldiers and they have a right to be remembered like everyone else.” There has been a recent movement across the south by liberals and social activists to remove any and all symbols of the former confederacy from buildings, schools, parks and street names. Hubbard is against these efforts.

Instead she is being proactive in an effort to protect the historical monument. She stressed her reasons on her Stand up For America GoFundMe page. She said, “I am setting up a UNITY RALLY, called STAND UP FOR AMERICA. on June 3rd 2017. On May 17, 2017. St Louis City Mayor Krewson announced she wants to remove history from our city parks. She like other mayors, are stripping away heritage and history from our wonderful city. We Should not allow our historical statues and figures removed.”

This black woman firmly believes that the 32-foot-tall granite monument has been attacked out of hate and ignorance of the history of the Confederate Monument. The monument was vandalized just 12 hours before a rally opposing its presence in the park was held. Hubbard has attempted to educate people about why it should remain. She stressed, “It saddens me, but I see it more as ignorance than hate.”

The Confederate monument supporter is no stranger to controversy. Just two years earlier in 2015, Hubbard posted a Facebook video on police shooting that went viral. She is planning her own rally Saturday, June 3rd in support of the monument. She has already managed to raise over $6,000 for food and music. To donate to her effort to raise money for her

When others have attacked her as being a black woman who has forgotten that she is black, her answer is simple. She explained very concisely, “They ask if I am even black,” she said. “But it’s not about my color, it’s about three colors, red, white and blue.”

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