• June 19, 2024

This Bulgarian Fitness Trainer’s Body is Insane [SLIDESHOW]

 This Bulgarian Fitness Trainer’s Body is Insane [SLIDESHOW]

SimplyShredded.com recently interviewed Bulgarian beauty Yanita Yancheva , who is a fitness trainer by trade.  She’s not hard on the eyes either.  She describes her diet and her fitness regimen that let’s her take the weekend off.  Her diet she switches off on every few weeks to keep it from getting boring and she fills the rest of her time

 How did you get started with bodybuilding?

Before I got into fitness, I had done various sports including rhythmic gymnastics. About five or six years ago, shortly after participating on the television show, Survivor Bulgaria, I started going to the gym. During my fifty two day stretch on the television show on an island in Panama, I ended up losing eighteen pounds, and I dropped to eighty eight pounds! When I returned home, I decided that fitness and proper nutrition would help me reclaim my body and get me back into shape.

In the process of recovering from the show, I got hooked on training, and I just haven’t stopped since!

 Where does your motivation come from?

Most of my motivation comes from my own achievements and the support I receive from my friends and followers.

It’s also a great motivation to meet so many people involved in the fitness industry who are striving towards the same goals as me.

H/T Simplyshredded.com


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