There’s Nothing Like a Pair of Ripe Melons [SLIDESHOW]

Ever since man dwelt in caves and ate mastodon sandwiches, he has been attracted to women with large breasts, which probably can be attributed to the fact that all babies were breast fed inasmuch as the bottle had not yet been invented.  So if men stare too long at a nice rack, the man shouldn’t be blamed, it’s in his DNA.

 Titties, tits, ta-tas, boobs, melons, jugs, knockers, honkers, headlights, twins, bazookas, bazongas, rack, cantaloupes, peaches, yabos, pomegranates, ya-yas, hee-haws, honeydews, boobs/boobies, cups, balloons, mammaries, hooters, bazookers, nips, coconuts, rascals, waps, baps, buns, cushions, dirty pillows, bust, chest, bosoms, bouncy castles, puppies, funbags, chubbas, and chebs.

The male fascination with breasts starts from the moment he is born and is a direct result of being breastfed as a baby.

An infant has basic instincts that draw him towards his mother. He can actually smell her milk. The comfort a child receives by being nestled close to a mother’s breasts is one of total safety from the outside world.

The feelings newborn experiences when suckling his mother’s breast include oral satisfaction, nourishment, nurturance, and unconditional love. Images of the mother’s breasts are imbedded in his brain and resurface periodically as sexual fantasies.

Sigmund Freud said that a child’s first erotic object is the mother’s breast. Not only mother’s love, but also sexual love–starting with the pleasure of kissing–centers around the breast.

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