The Very Worst Tinder Profiles of All Time

It’s hard making out a profile on Tinder.  Most people go with the safe standards such as “I love long walks on the beach” or “I enjoy going out to eat”.  But there are some people who simply defy logic.  We call these people life long virgins for the lack of a better name.

Producing the dating profile isn’t easy with selecting the perfect photos and coming up with a witty bio proving a challenge for any budding Romeo.

However, it seems that these singletons are less reserved than your average online dater.

A hilarious collection of images compiled by BoredPanda has revealed some of the most extraordinary profiles people have come across on Tinder.

In many cases it seems that the subject’s main aim is not to encourage browsers to swipe right but simply provide a few laughs.

In one case a man has dedicated his profile to imagining how Jesus Christ’s might look if he was single in the modern age.

Others prove that they are extremely dedicated to the cause with one hopeful creating a PowerPoint presentation in the hope to lure in single ladies.

In one particularly bizarre instance a woman appears to be unaware of the concept of Tinder sharing photos of her wedding day and bragging about her ‘lovely husband’.

Whether these photos leave you crying with laughter or just cringing they are bound to make those lucky enough to be coupled up thankful to be off the market.


In a series of hilarious images compiled by BoredPanda singletons have revealed the funniest (and occasionally creepiest) Tinder profiles they have come across 

It seems that happily married Becky is unfamiliar with the concept of the dating app 

This dedicated user created a PowerPoint style presentation in the hope to attract single ladies

While his bio may seem a little long winded, Tim well and truly delivers with his punch line 

One man has dedicated his profile to reimagining what a single Jesus might look for in a partner in the modern day

While many singletons choose to show off their rocking social life this man was unashamed to show off his emu pal 

There is something rather unsettling about James' dating app description 

Victoria uses a poignant Titanic reference to demonstrate why women should never send nudes

Krista has no intention of meeting Mr Right, she is simply hoping to catch out Mr Wrong 

It is hard to imagine that Chloe gets many swipes right with this rather disturbing proposition for future dates 

With a photo of herself in a hospital bed it seems that Samantha is true to her word when she says she likes it 'rough'

There appears to be little explanation as to why Katy chose to share her bizarre childhood experience with potential suitors

Pete's offer to Tinder matches is unlikely to appeal to many women looking for true romance 

Hope implies that she has a healthy sexual appetite in her witty Tinder bio 

Mateus certainly paints quite the picture for potential dates - one that few women are likely to want to recreate 

It seems that Emma and her cat have an extremely close bond, one of which future partners should be willing to accommodate 

Katie doesn't sugar coat her Tinder profile admitting to members that she is 'bad at everything'

It sounds as though Ryan would be the perfect person to take to a gig - or a costume party 

Whoever matches with Mikey must be prepared to accept that Kermit the Frog is a major part of his life

Sydney is a woman who knows exactly what she wants in a partner - a strong set of vocal chords

With so many positive reviews Cee is sure to attract plenty of male attention on the app 

Andrew is not too proud to do a little begging when it comes to finding his perfect lady

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