The Thirty People I Want to Party With [SLIDESHOW]

When it comes time to party, the most important thing is to team up with someone is a lot of fun.  These next 30 people are up for that.  I remember when I was young and partied far beyond that of mortal men.  To find out if I had a good time, I would have to call up a friend and ask.  If they hung up on me, I knew I had a great time.  My best friend was Tony B and we did some crazy things.  Tony went to Athens High School, whose arch rivals was Logan.

We decided to put a huge A at the 50 yard line, but they had people guarding both end zones.  I have no idea how but we were able to crawl across the ground and place the letter A right on the fifty yard line.

We laughed all the way back to Athens because we knew when the sun came up, two endzones full of people were going to wonder what the hell happened.  That would definitely been a Kodak moment.

Tony’s neighbor, Brent M would go places with us.  We gave him a hard time but only because we liked him.  We drove to Cincinnati to see Evil Knieval make a jump.  King’s Island, one of the Seven Flags amusement parks , was the site for the jump and at that time they had a safari adventure.  You would board a train that would take you throughout the the area where the wild animals were kept.

When we got to the park, Tony and I explained to the group that came with us that the line gets long for the safari, so we needed to go there first and fast.  Brent said he needed to go to the bathroom but we convinced him that it was only a five minute ride, when in fact it was 45 minutes.  Needless to say, he was in pain throughout the ride.  At one point, Brent told the girl driving the train to let him out.  She said she couldn’t because it was lion territory but Brent told her he would take his chance with the lions.

Finally, we arrived back on the platform and Brent ran like a gazelle.  The closest bathroom was outside the monkey house and when we got there, Brent was leaning against the building with a relieved look on his face.

Without further delay or boring story, here is the slideshow of the 30 people I want to party with:

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